Overall picture of used car export market and position of New Zealand market ~ comparison with 10 years ago (2007) ~

In 2006, the export volume of Japanese used cars to countries around the world increased by 14% from the previous year, exceeding 1.3 million units. 

Exporting to New Zealand this year was 101,000 units (5.2% increase over the previous year), and the share is "about 7.3%". In the ranking by country, it was ranked third in Russia, first place, second only to U.A.E. 

Ten years later in 2016, the total export volume of used cars has decreased to about 1.19 million units, reaching 91% level in 2007. 

Meanwhile, the number of used car exports to New Zealand steadily increased to about 12.2 thousand in 2016, reaching 121 per cent as compared with 2007, and although the competition was severe, the economy was steadily growing, the number of immigrants increased It can be said that steady expansion is anticipated from the shortening of the transfer cycle from the length of the distance. 

Even after entering 2017, exports to New Zealand have continued to expand steadily, continuing with April and May, the UAE will be the first ranked in the country ranking, after that, three from August We are maintaining the top position for the month in a row. 

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