【New Zealand Second Hand Car Export】Regulatory Overview

According to the export statistics of September 2016, the number of overseas exports of used cars decreased by 1,550 units from the previous year to about 94,000 units.

Looking at the country by country, New Zealand is number one with 9,639 units! ! It has increased by 25.4% over the previous year, and it is growing very much. 

New Zealand may be one of the factors that anyone can freely export as a rule if it meets the requirements of safety standards, emission standards, certificates of ownership, etc. 

However, those that do not meet the criteria, those that illegally altered the display of the odometer can not be imported, of course. In addition to the deletion registration certificate (Deregistration Certificate), quarantine by New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), Imported Vehicle Inspector (Entry Certifier) ​​designated by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) It is obligatory to inspect imported vehicles.