【New Zealand secondhand car export】 What is quarantine inspection?

New Zealand strictly carries out biosecurity (quarantine) on imported goods, and all imported used cars are subject to quarantine. 

The quarantine is conducted by the quarantine officer of Biosecurity New Zealand of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Commerce, and it examines the interior and exterior of the vehicle for insects, plant related substances, soil, sewage and other pollutants.  

If you can not pass the inspection, you are required to carry out quarantine treatment (cleaning / disinfection) at the designated facility of the Ministry of Primary Industry, or to be refunded back to the overseas and the related expenses will be borne by the importer altogether. 

The inspection covers all parts that can be opened without using tools on the vehicle. Unused cars in parallel import may be exempted from quarantine, but if the quarantine officer finds contamination it will be treated the same as used car.

When exporting from Japan, it is common to quarantine at a designated laboratory in Japan. Inspection prior to shipping must be done within 10 days before shipping. If the pre-shipment inspection is carried out, partial re-inspection will be carried out after unloading.