What is the New Zealand vehicle inspection program "WOF"?

In New Zealand, vehicles registered for the first time after January 1, 2000 have a vehicle inspection program called WOF (Warrant of Fitness) once a year.

* For vehicles manufactured and registered before January 1, 2000, once every 6 months. ) 

WOF vehicle inspection, checking of tire grooves and safety parts etc is carried out, the required time is about 20 ~ 30 minutes simple periodic inspection. Driving a vehicle with this WOF expired is illegal and subject to fine. 

The basic objective of WOF is safety confirmation, which has been greatly simplified compared with the Japanese automobile inspection. 
Main inspection parts do not affect the thickness and structure of the engine, clutch, brake pad due to the depth of the groove of the tire, light, brake, seat belt, airbag (safety confirmation), exhaust gas, fuel leak, etc. Rust and the like are not asked. The cost is about 30 to 50 NZ dollars once a time.  

EAS also checks the brakes that are not required by the WOF vehicle inspection, so we can drive safely after the end of WOF. We can receive it from one month before the expiration date, so we recommend you take it early. 

In addition, EAS not only carries out WOF inspection but also general repair, oil exchange, tire change service, so please do not hesitate to contact us.