Our Strength

It is great pleasure for us to commit to contribute to the healthy development of business of exporters and importers throughinspection of secondhand cars imported to New Zealand. Also we contribute to the safe and comfortable motor life of end users.

EAS is a vehicle compliance centre which has longest experience in Auckland among the companies owned by Japanese.

Of course, not only about vehicle compliance and services, but also when you are looking for the latest information on Japanese used car market and considering to import directly used cars from Japan, please contact us.  

We can communicate English, and Japanese as well.

Diligent care of storage and managing customer’s vehicles

We ensure safety of your valuable asset, because we will store and manage by 24 hour security system and thorough careful inspection work.

Thoroughness of safety management and Promptness

Based on the partnership between AA, NZ's highly trusted brand, we ensure quality of inspection which meets the safety standards of the NZ Government, while we ensure the speediness and having good work environment which meets safety measures. 

Normally, when we receive vehicle in early morning, we complete inspection on the same day. Even during the busy season, we complete inspection within up to 3 days.

Hospitality and flexibility

All of our staff deals customers with a smile in the spirit of Japanese good tradition of hospitality. We are constantly pursuing standardization of work to strive for quality improvement for all times. 

We are careful not to be manual work or regulation work.   We provide flexibility in our services to meet individual circumstances for each customer at each occasion.

Importance of aftercare

We value various encounters with business partners and will provide various services such as vehicle maintenance, WOF,grooming and business information even after the inspection to sustain and obtain the long-term relationship