March 9, 2017


Resignation of Mr.Shimazu, Existing Director of EAS


We have received a letter of intent from Mr.Shimazu by e-mail to resign as a director of EAGLE AUTO SERVICES LTD (following “EAS”)  effective from March 31,2017.


It was the sudden and unpredictable notice of the resignation for us, while the members of the board, including Mr.Shimizu, and some senior members were preparing the recovery business plan for EAS commencing 2017 fiscal year, which included a new strategy and the management and internal control system reinforcement.

Although we have been strongly persuading him to stay in the company as a parent company of EAS, he had remained determined to resign, therefore we are obliged to make this announcement.


Mr.Shimazu promised that he would support and cooperate with us during the transition period of replacing a leader smoothly within the company, in order not to trouble stakeholders such as clients or suppliers.  And taking this opportunity, we would like to make our best effort to innovate the quality of our customer services.


EAS stocks, 200,000 shares (18.62%), which is owned by Mr.Shimazu will be purchased soon after the 2016 fiscal year financial result is closed. And EAS will become a 100% owned subsidiary of Homenetcars Co., Ltd.


The details of the EAS’s new board members and the management structure will be announced as soon as the business plan is approved by our board. And we are planning to visit to all customers. We would like you to ask your great support as before.


Best regards



Shinichi Ezaki

Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Office

Homecnetcars Co., Ltd.