Existing Customers Page

【Registration of Existing Customers' Exclusive Page】 

We have started "Customers' Exclusive Page" as a new service for the existing customers, by which you can sign in your exclusive page and inquire the terms & conditions, the vehicles compliance status etc.  
In order to start to use your exclusive page, please fill in the necessary information into the following form.

【Steps of Registration】 

1. Fill in the necessary information into the following form and click the send button. 
2. Once you have sent the registration form, we will send your exclusive url by e-mail. 
3. When you have received e-mail form us, please bookmark your url or click your own url from the list of customers, sign in by entering your password. 
Note: password will be sent to you by automatic e mail after your first registration.

【If you want change the registered information】 

After the registration if you need to change the inforamation already registered, please enter only the items that have been changed.

Please enter the necessary information below.

  1. required
  2. required
  3. required
  4. required
  5. Please make sure that the above contnts are correct, then click the button.(it will be automatically sent)