WOF & Vehicle Servicing


There are over 3,000 WOF inspectors nationwide (auto repair factory places employees who have WOF inspection qualification and provides services except for major companies). 

In New Zealand, WOF inspection is required once a year for any vehicles in anywhere in the world, if its manufactured or first registered date was after January 1, 2000, however if its before January 1, 2000 then vehicle must have to take WOF inspection every half year.

Compared to Japanese inspection, WOF has been greatly simplified where the purpose of WOF is just to check safety. 

Main check points are: the depth of the groove of the tire, light, brake function, seat belt, air bag (safety confirmation), exhaust gas, fuel leak, etc, due to the thickness and structure of engine, clutch, brake pad, and rust which does not have any affection in safety.

In the WOF inspection, we check tire grooves, and safety components. Since it is a simple inspection, it take only about 20 to 30 minutes.

Cost is about NZD30~50



At our compliance centre, not only the main checkpoints mentioned above, but we also check breaks, etc which is not required for WOF inspection for free. Therefore after WOF finishes, drivers can drive safely without any fear or stress. 

In addition, we do not only have WOF vehicle inspection, but also we have general repair, oil change, tire change service, so please do not hesitate to drop by our compliance centre.


It is illegal to drive a vehicle which WOF expired.

You can take the WOF inspection from one month before the expiration date; therefore we recommend taking the inspection early.

NZ vehicle inspection system

All vehicles registered to run NZ public roads are obliged to show the certificate and take WOF inspection regularly. 

There are two types of inspection, which is, WOF for small-medium sized such as passenger car, taxis, buses, and COF for large vehicles such as, trucks, large trailers, motor homes (campervans in Japan)

Please refer to "Warrants and certification" on the following website of NZTA (NZ Transportation Bureau) for detailed contents of the vehicle inspection system. http://www.nzta.govt.nz/vehicle/warrants-certifications/index.html